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~*ChiLliNg At jAsMiN hSe!!*~ =))

Sunday, October 22, 2006 @ 1:02 PM | 0 comments

Alright FINALLI im able 2 blog again!! *WoOhOo!!* Super happi i swear manx!! Wahahaha!! OKie im lyk blogging at jasmin's hse now!! thanki god she's gorte internet at her hse sho im able 2 lyk blog yeaps?? hehehe!! *ThAnKi GiRl!!* u rawk manx!! hahahaha!! Been studing 4 e past few daes norte goin outta n even of im outta, im olso STUDING!! on e bus, in e train almost everywhere!! Lyk a DARN mad girl wif books ah!! *OmG!!* Save mi baby!! hahahaha!! His e onli 1 whu helps mi relieve stress n mi buddies of coz as well!! sho TOUCH pple!! Aniwae suppose 2 swim ystd but i was 2 late sho e pool closes at 5 kant go, end up jogging n after that went 2 parkwae!! WaLK arnd n happen 2 shop into dorothy perkins shop n gorte a nice shirt frm dere!! n it wasnt that EX as well!! Gorte another clothes i didnt buy that's sho wasted manx!! regret a lil but nvm heading 2 vivo 2dae sho c whether i kan get those dere!! Aniwae was walking arnd ISETAN ystd den saw a CK wallet but was tynking 2 get it anorte, in e end i didnt!! sho sad manx!! i wanna mi SHOPPING SPREE mood BACK!!! BACK!!! BACK!!! hahahaha!!

After all e shopping at parkwae, i went 2 geylang 2 mit mi jie n makan n stuffy lyk that!! Real farni coz we kept laughing n she kept complaining that kor was weird ystd!! hahahah!! n kor kept denying!! hahaha!! aniwae e most cuties tingy ish that when kal c mi he kalled mi "Hi mei!!" n i was lyk oo okie, "Hi kor!!" *WtH!!* super interesting manx!! *WhEe!!* he n jie super farni n interesting couple alright?? Damn lurving olso yarhx?? hehehe!! After eating jie n kor went hm n e rest of us walk at geylang serai n loads n loads of pple was dere ah!! damn crowded manx!! hot n sweaty lyk hell!! *EeEkKk!!*

A long long walk n we all fynalli reached jasmin's hse n by e tyme we gorte hm we started playing poker kards n uno!! laugh until i had stomache craamps!! *OoH gOSh!!* aniwae that precious sms mi 2 told mi he gorte his leg injured n im hope his fyne yeaps?? "Betta take karex n BOY!!" wahahaha!! Alright trying 2 get all those pic uploaded now!! hope it works!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*RyLi N wEe TeCk!!*~ *Taken at e new cathy while waiting 4 e start of e movie!! Acting kewl aniwae!! hahaha!! =))

~*RyLi, WeE tEcK n JaSmIn!!*~ =)) Taken at e trip 2 escape while lining up 4 e wet n wild ride!! hahaha!! =))

~*ItS uS!!*~ Dere we go taking pics njoying our photo session!! hahaha!! =)) *WhEe!!* =))

~*SiMpLy HeR!!*~ Alright im acting kewl wif mi sunglasses on e line up!! nth betta 2 do aniwae!! hahaha!! =))

~*ItS hEr!!*~ *Im acting cuties that's 4 sure coz i dunch knw warte 2 do!!* wahahaha!! =))

~*ItS uS!!*~ now its taking e picture n njoying e photo session while lining up wif teck!! hehehe!! =))*WhEe!!* =))

~*SiMpLy RyLi!!*~ *Its mi new hairdo!! hehehe!!* =))

~*ItS hEr!!*~ *Tis ish taken wif those sunglasses of mine!! hehehe!!* =))

~*ItS tHaT hEr!!*~ *e precious art piece!! credits to that precious!!* heheheh!! =))

~*SiMpLy HeR!!*~ *E precious artistic piece once again!! credits to precious again!!* hehehe!! =))

~*WeE tEcK, sOk YiNg, JaSmIn N pInG wU!!*~ *We had a ktv session at aranda country club!! during e chalet stay!!* hehehe!! =))

~*ItS oUr WoRlD!!*~ *Taken on jasmin's sista burfdae!!* hehehe!! =))

~*Taken on e latern festival dae, sho i use t candles 2 make mi name!!*~ *WhEe!!* =))

~*SoK yInG, JaSmIn, RyLi, JaSmAnD, WeE tEcK, kAh WoOn, PiNg Wu N cHaRlEnE(burfdae girl)!!*~ *Taken with charlene BIG burfdae cake!!*~ hehehe!! =))

~*ItS oUr WoRlD!!*~ *Our outting n most fun session!!* hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLy HeR!!*~ *Caught sleeping in action at sentosa by precious!!* hahaha!! =))

~*ItS oUr WoRlD!!*~ *Its mi artistic emo potrait!! Credits to RyLi!!* hehehe!! =))