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Saturday, October 28, 2006 @ 9:47 PM | 0 comments

Alright i just gorte off frm studing frm mi fwen yeaps?? she waas rushing off 2 fynd her god sis in e hospital coz she commited sucide over a guy!! *WTH!!* whyee must she do that?? its worthless lahx!! *FcUk!!* its sho sad she do tis kinda tingy yeahx?? e guy definateli feel GUILTY i swear!! was kinda pissed wif her fwens coz dey just couldnt plan their scehdule tingy properli n make mi fwen sho rushy n everytingy!! Sho rushy ah!! styl blame her!! *WTF!!* kant u guys just blame urself!! *ArGh!!* make mi rush n dunch knw warte im suppose 2 do olso!! *AhHhHh!!*

Aniwae i was busi wif mi studies getting stress over everytingy n all!! i swear i was n i realli goin crazi!! lack of sleep lack of everytingy especialli SHOPPING life ah!! how kan i norte haf dem at all?? *Oh GoSh!!* i wanna those life BACK kan?? hahaha!! went swimming n tanning n slept at e tanning area 4 2 GOD DAMN HRS!! kan u belief it?? i sleep n i realli sleep under e hot scotching sun ah!! *Oh MaNz!!* kant belief it!! gorte miself tan lahx!! hahaha!! den in e morning its back 2 studi once again!! hehehe!! Btw chill at batok wif precious n WASHING MACHINE tried 2 SNATCH away PRECIOUS n hug precious!! hahaha!! n he sae he wasnt STRAIGHT sho means he's CROOK n he lyk GUYS!! hahaha!! precious ish e TARGET!! wahahaha!! n i started laughinh at WASHING MACHINE!! that he's new nickname pple!! hahahaha!!

Gorte a tag frm a person saeing,
(anonymous: life without u is hard.. i swear its hard...)
kinda fynd it weird though!!
Btw pple i gorte studi picture n i will get dem uploaded soon alright?? hehehe!! =)) heard alorte of horoscope issue earlier on n im starting 2 beleif sum of dem r true yeaps?? hehehe!! aniwae just recieve a BAD NEWS that mi fwen fwen has left her loved ones!! R.I.P!! as 4 her parents dunch b 2 sad!! im sending mi condolences though i aint knw her!! just felt sad!! =(( coz ish norte sumtingy i xpected it 2 happen!! Life ish sho difficult 2 sae n uncderstand!! Its e most complicated tingy just e same as relationship yeaps?? *GoSh!!* =((

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