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Saturday, October 07, 2006 @ 7:32 PM | 0 comments

Alorte has happen recentli!! I almost couldnt take e impact of losing those fwens of mine but dere's nth i kan do, i kant accpet e fact of ware kinda person dey r, i realli kant ah!! How do u xpect mi e continue tis fwenship wif dem when dey turn outta 2 b such SCARY pple?? It was reali e most shocking tingy in mi life ah!! I've seriousli learn mi mistake manx i swear i did!! N im neber goin 2 do that mistake of trusting pple sho easili manx!! NO WAE!! i'll neber trust pple easili especialli those i just gotta knw yeaps?? i've lose warte i've gain n now im regreating but dere's nth i kan do!! Its e 2nd tyme i had suffer frm tis n im once again leaving in e world of darkness!! Simply tynking when i kan get outta frm dere, when?? kan sum1 tell mi or let mi knw?? Whyee am i e 1 alwaes feeling e pain n hurt, suffering frm all tis?? *FCUK!!* i dunch wanna manx, seriousli dunch wanna!! Sumbodi bring mi outta frm e world of darkness, i kant stand saeing dead pple arnd mi ani longer, im goin 2 gif up soon n i mean REAL soon!! *ARGH!!*

Aniwae i was outta ystd wif mi god sis her bf n mi buddi!! i've neber went 4 tis kinda festival tingy b4 or even celebrate it manx!! Mayb last tyme when im young but no longer when i grow older!! N ystd i went 2 ponggol park wif all of dem 2 celebrate latern festival n dere were sparkles n latern n lights everywhere!! Its 2 1st tyme i c brightness in mi life but inside of mi ish styl kinda empty without that person arnd!! Hoping that he was able 2 b dere but he wasnt!! =((
We had lotsa fun burning laterns n i even make mi name using candles!! Fynd those lights damn beautiful ah!! *GOSH!!* After e sparkles has fynsh we when 2 use e cadles, stick dem on e boxing light dem n let it float!! I make wishes wif mi god sis n let e box float but mine SINK!! *WTF!!* Mi wish aint goin 2 cum thru lahx!! hahahaha!! Sis sae look on e bright side coz when mi box sink e candle firing was styl burning sho means gorte hope!! Thanki manx, thanki 4 e console!! she super cuties lahx!! After all e playing we rush of 2 catch e last bus!! N e wae sis walk!! Make mi LOL ah!! wahahaha!! super njoyable dae manx!! Thanki sis!! =))

Glad that i styl haf supportive pple arnd mi when im down yeaps?? Thanki guys, alwaes hearing mi outta n trying 2 help mi!! Thanki 4 those advices n i wun 4get dem!! Realli dunch knw warte 2 do without u guys arnd yeaps?? realli appreciate everytingy yarhx?? im trying 2 b happi n im realli mean it but its hard yarhx?? hope 2 darkness will b gone soon!! =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~