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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 @ 12:06 AM | 0 comments

Alright i was lyk at escape on sat wif 2 of mi precious pple yeaps?? Had 2 free escape theme park tickets n i dunch wanna waste damn sho lyk warte jas sae, go dere n relieve our childhood!! Warte a coolx word i haf 2 admit indeed!! hehehehe!! met up at pasir ris inter n headed 2 escape!! Dere were mani pple at escape but norte as much as last tyme alr!! wen we gorte dere, e 1st tingy we ride on was e viking or pirate ship!! Sat at e 2nd ;ast role coz e ;ast role was under servicing yeaps?? *SaDiStIc!!!* Aniwae i sat in e centre n both of dem were on mi left n right, n i could feel that both of dem were trembling!! hahahaha!! SUPER cutie lahx dey all!! hahahaha!! After that ride, we went on e water ride!! I gorte mi whole self wet n even mi make up was wash off!! *DaMn!!* But i didnt realli bother coz since its alr wash off den might as well play again n again!! hahaha!! We play e pepsi ride n i had 2 sit alone coz i let 2 of mi buddies sat 2gether yeahx?? N cing both of their reaction realli DAMN cutie ah!! hahahaha!! went 2 e haunted hse tingy n i was lyk having those super reactionin dere yeahx?? hehehe!! =)) it was a cools dae!! Just nice jacob gaf jas a kal n ask us 2 mit him 4 dinner n watch movie but mi n jas no money n it was e show jas n wee teck wanna watch sho jacob treat us!! hahaha!! =))

After escape we met jacob eat dinner at pasir ris n headed hm 2 change bathe n all n headed 2 town 2 catch e movie at e new cathy!! e movie was damn late i swear ah!! it was 1.50am n we gorte 2 town at lyk 11 plus rotting at mac at ps n all yeahx?? But at dere, i happen 2 saw 2 of mi ex classmates n mi ex vball senior n dey r all in e cos play tingy!! Real interesting kinda pple huh!! hehehehe!! After all e eating n all we went 2 e cathy n ROT dere 4 abt 45 mins b4 watching e movie n in e end e movie was boring!! *GoSh!!* warte a movie ah!! Gorte sho bored till i amost fell asleep manx!! hahaha!! movie ended we go jas hse stay dere n i couldnt take it n sleep throughout straight!! DAMN tired i swear!!

Gorte up in e earli afternoon, had pizza n all!! Den headed off e mit e precious person at JE!! Chill dere e library reading book toking craps n all!! After eating n all we went back chilling again!! Were lyk super chillers manx!! *WoOhOo!!* That's e wae 2 do it pple!! Aniwae gotta studi n studi n studi now!! N gorte sum pic uploaded at escape, jasmin's sista burfdae, fishing tyme n chilling tyme!! hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~