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Tuesday, October 24, 2006 @ 6:15 PM | 0 comments

Yuppies here i am at jasmin hse again coz its a public holis 2dae yeahx?? sho we all stay over at her place after a movie at cinea ystd!! We watch DOA(dead or alive) a nice n interesting show but rather short i haf 2 sae!! At least i njoy it yeaps?? hehehe!! Sadistic that precios didnt join us n ping wu as well!! Sho after e movie headed back 2 jasmin hse tok craps, chilling n fynalli we slept!! But it was 6 plus in e morning?? Lyk weird ryte?? okie WHATEVER!! wahahaha!! Den 2dae we woke up earli coz buddi came over earli 2 join us!! n i heard that jasmin, jacob n jason went 4 breakfast lyk 6 plus in e morning manx!! *GoRe!!* hahahaha!! power ah!! im sleeping lyk a pig alr i swear i was!! DARN tired okie!! hehehehe!! =))

Aniwae we woke up earli, tok cock n all den had pillow fight n all earli in e MORNING!! hehehe!! wah liaox morning ah!! i bet it damn cuties kae?? n FINALLI ping wu n his gf join us at jasmin hse yeaps?? nice nice!! A finalli once again GATHERING!! wif a new fwen n long fwen JACOB!! welcum manx!! hehehe!! once again saw patrir that sweetie girl n we tok alorte lyk alwaes!! Realli glad that mi buddi has such a gf yuppies?? happi 4 him!! *WhEe!!* =)) Moreover we had lotsa fun as well!! Uploading those pics now!! a gathering photosession yeaps?? hehehe!! *FuN!!*

*Where that mr HOT precious!! sad he didnt join us ah!! lyk alwaes yeaps?? but aniwae nvm!! hehehe!! alright sho much 4 all e fight, e fun n everytingy wif dem goin 2 makan now!! =))*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*JaSmIn N jAsMaNd!!*~ *da jie n xiao di!!* =))

~*PiNg Wu N pAtRiC!!*~ *Tis ish e couple im toking abt!! hehehe!! dey r loving yeaps?? hehehe!!* =))

~*JaSoN!!*~ *his doin e sexy butt tingy!! OMG!! hahaha!!* =))

~*JaSoN n RyLi!!*~ *He loves that snow cap of his!! he's an farni guy i swear!! hehehe!!* =))

~*JaSmIn, JaSoN, PaTrIc, PiNg Wu, JaSmAnD, RyLi n WeE tEcK!!*~ *We took a formal strict face picture 1st den follow by e 2nd n 3rd picture wif smiles on our faces!! Last but norte least, e 4th n 5th pictures r e informal pictures n e 6th n 7th pictures was sho sweeties kan?? especialli all our legs!! hehehe!! but jason was MISSING!! hahaha!! aniwae thanki 2 patric 4 e cam yuppies?? u rawk!!* =))

*Tis ish e picture where we all gorte mosh yeaps?? i swear e person at e bottom ish HURTING!! hahahah!!* =))

~*WeE tEcK, RyLi N jAsMiN!!*~ *Kan u c that xtra?? hahaha!! joking lahx!!* =))

~*WeE tEcK n RyLi!!*~ *Alwaes taking pics yeaps?? hahaha!!* =))

~*Bottom ish jasmand, jasmin,RyLi,wee teck,jason,ping n patric!!*~ *I swear jasmand was SUFFERING!! hahaha!! n e whole pple mountain was SHAKING coz of 1 PERSON!! hahaha!!* =))