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Thursday, October 05, 2006 @ 3:44 PM | 0 comments

swear i was damn BLOODY pissed ah!! *WTF!!* Haf u guys eva thots of mi feelings when u all do tis kinda tingy 2 mi?? fwenship kan onli b solve in tis kinda manner izzit?? Whyee u guys r sho immature?? taking e easi wae outta of tingy when dere r sho mani others wae 2 clear tingy n norte hurting other pple's feeling?? Now i realise how selfish u guys r lahx!! Sho disappointed manx!! Its copz i treat u guys as fwen that whyee i didnt wanna sae a tingy but it seems lyk u guys kare onli 4 urself norte others?? Neber even go n tynk warte if ur in mi shoes but nvm guess e same tingy will sure 2 happen 2 e person himself soon lahx!! *WaRtEvA!!* Nth betta 2 do but interferring in others pple relationship might as well go kare abt ur OWN den others ryte?? Lyk sho KPO ah!! *OMG!!* kant stand it manz!! Neber relaise how cruel u guys kan b ah?? i realli c e wrong person n trusted e wrong person!! I SWEAR i did i realli regret it!! Neber am i goin 2 trust U again!! *NEVER!!* sorri 2 sae that lahx!! But that it ish!! *FcUk!!*

If u gorte ur FCUKING motive 2 doin on tis go ahead lahx!! Coz tis shows that u realli love mi in a fcuking wae lahx!! 2 love a person ish 2 c a person cry n b sad ryte?? sho now i knw how love ish suppose 2 b lyk!! saeing ish nth actions means sumtingy lahx ARSE!! saeing u love mi ish just merely saeing but u dunch show it lahx!! now u wanna knw ryte?? i tell u YESH u didnt show enuff concern, YESH u wasnt caring enuff when were 2gether!! Tynking buying flower 4 mi apologising helps?? now i tell u NORTE A BLOODY BIT okie?? Ur e scarest person i eva eva known in e world!! Cunning n sly ah!! Realli lyk a dumbass 2 belief u manx!! i neber regret anitingy in mi whole life n tis ish e 1 tingy i eva regret which ish KNWING u!! n 2 knw that ur SUCH a person lahx!! *DAMN!!* guess mi super trust 4 u brought mi 2 tis dae lahx ah!! *THANKI MANX!!*

Aniwae gorte sum pics uploaded of burfdae gifts n cakes!! *WhEe!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ *Mi n mi burfdae cake frm keong!! thanki* =))

~*RyLi N kEoNg WiF mI bUrFdAe CaKe Of MaNgO mOuSe!!*~ *Thanki!!* =))

~*E mAnGo MoUsE bUrFdAe CaKe BoUGhT bY KeOnG!!*~ *ThAnKi!!* =))

~*EmO RyLi!!*~ =((

~*HaTrEd LiEs In HeR!!*~ =((

~*TiReD oF eVeRyTiNgY n On E vErGe Of GiViNg Up!!*~ =((

~*RyLi N hEr BrO bUyInG StUfFy At NtUc!!*~ *HeArTs!!* =))

~*ChAlEt NuMbEr!!*~ *HeEs!!* =))

~*JuSt wAkIe Up!!*~ =))

~*Gifts frm moses, auntie n uncle!! thanki!!*~ *A lace spag strip, a pair of earrings n lip balm!!* =))

~*GiFt FrM kEoNg!! ThAnKi!!*~ * A puma handbag!!* =))

~*GiFtS fRm ShEe Na N bLaCk BiRd!! ThAnKi!!*~ *A bottle of absolute vodka orginal!!* =))

~*GiFt FrM pInG wU!! ThAnKi!!*~ *A winnie e pooh n fwens bottle of biscuits!!* =))

~*GiFt FrM jAsMaNd(BuDdI!!)!! ThAnkI!!*~ *A lilo n sitch glass mug n 5 packets of hello kitty marshmallows!!* =))

~*GiFt FrM wEe TeCk (BuDdI)!! ThAnKi!!*~ *A bottle of chicken little biscuits!!* =))

~*GiFt FrM JaSoN!! ThAnKi!!*~ *A smiling destresser!!* =))

~*GiFt FrM JaSmIn!! ThAnKi!!*~ *2 pairs of earrings n a neccklace frm JO's crafts!!* =))

~*ToTaL gIfTs FrM bUdDiEs!! ThAnKi!!*~ *Looking beautiful!!* =))

~*GiFtS fRm GuO YaN(JiE)!! ThAnKi!!*~ *A grey handbag!!* =))

~*BuRfDaE kArD fRm LiL fIsHy!! ThAnKi!!*~ *A cuties burfdae kard!!* =))

~*HoNg BaO fRm GrAnDpArEnTs!! ThAnKi!!*~ *Look marvellous!!* =))

~*AlL e GiFt RyLi ReCiEvE 4 hEr BuRfDaE!! ThAnKi!!*~ *All e presents 2gether wif lightsticks made by her buddies!!* =))

~*Using light stick 2 make cheryl happi burfdae by mi buddies!! Thanki!!*~ *In e light !!* =))

~*Taken in e dark!!*~ *Loving it!!* =))

~*ItS e BuDdIeS wOrLd!!*~ =))

~*A burfdae mango cake bought by auntie n uncle n moses!! Thanki!!*~ =))

~*RyLi cUtTiNg HeR bUrFdAe CaKe!!*~ =))