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Monday, October 30, 2006 @ 11:19 PM | 0 comments

I've been studing lyk crazi tis pass few wks manx!! Norte njoying mi life at all yeaps?? I dunch knw warte i realli wanna n warte im suppose 2 do!! all e studing ish driving mi crazi until i was totalli norte miself at all practicalli ystd when i met precious!! *Oh GoSh!!* it was all mi fault that we had a lil tiff at our usual miting area yeahx?? im real sorri alright?? i dunch mean it at all ah!! i realli dunch knw warte i was tynking, all i knw ish that im pretty stressed up n konfused!! i neber wanted 2 felt that wae n behaf weirdli yeaps?? *FcUk!!* whyee will i go make precious get angri when that dae was suppose 2 b an njoyable dae!! i SPOILED it i swear i did!! *SoRrI!!* Luckili, after that on our wae back, everytingy gorte fyne yeaps?? we started all e crap n stuffy again!! hehehe!!

Gorte hm frm kembangan n i was rushing all e wae back thru e canal coz i was being FOLLOWED!! *Oh MaNz!!* i was super scared ah!! moreover i was alone in e dark crippy area ah!! i was walking damn damn damn fast lyk nobodi business!! hahahaha!! i knw it sounds cocky n stupid or even DUMB!! hahaha but it was realli scary n i mean it!! When i fynalli gorte hm, eat n studi n gorte on e line wif precious!! Dere we go toking at 1sr crappy arnd den in e end we started e tiff again!! didnt knw whyee but i was pretty sensitive abt everytingy but now im fyne i guess!! all i knw im getting mi dark rings back n it is pretty BAD ones!! *GoSh!!* Warte am i 2 do manx!! *PiSsEd!!* =((

aniwae i was hm e whole dae 2dae yeaps?? sho bored but i left wif no choice yarhx?? gorte e crappy n cuties picture uploaded yeahx?? Fynd e pics realli interresting yarhx?? those r bored doing as well!! hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~