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~*BaCk 2 BlOgGiNg!!*~

Thursday, November 16, 2006 @ 2:55 AM | 0 comments

Yeaps back 2 blogging again!! Rather busi currentli n loads of tingy r happening sho i didnt had e tyme 2 hok up on mi blog yarhx?? sho sorri pple!! Aniwae sum SHITTI stuffi happen causing loads of commotion n im realli sick n tired of it!! Dunch u understand e word *PEACEX!!* pple?? u live ur own n i'll live myne sho whyee r u bothering mi?? *GoSh!!* plz stop all tis ridiculous trouble n fynd sumtingy more meaning in life n do it!! instead of doin all tis kinda tingy 2 waste e every min n sec on earth when u dunch even knw when ur tyme will b up yuppies?? That's whyee im currentli sho busi!! Coz im hooking up on mi passion as 4 now!! hehehe!!

Aniwae i dunch hide or run away frm reality coz i face dem sho no point being a coward rytes?? i live 2 warte i want n norte warte other pple want n i dunch nid those pple whu tynks that im BAD!! i nid quantity pple n norte quality pple sho whhyee would i gif a DAMN indeed?? that e mi!! im happi wif warte i am n whu i am manx pple!! sho just BUG OFF if u wun mynd yeapx?? thanki loads!! =))

Alright gorte picture 2 upload but norte 2dae onli when im free!! sho no worries pple!! hehehe!! running late n im tired sho that's abt it!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~