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Friday, November 24, 2006 @ 2:27 AM | 0 comments

Alright i am busi wif mi dance real recentli coz we haf 2 cum outta wif dance steps, moves n everytingy yeaps?? making mi pretty stress though but dancing ish sumtingy that i've alwaes look 4ward 2 sho its okie!! hehehe!! working hard 2gether in e team all helping each other seems real coolz yeaps?? Btw we've gorte e part 1 dance step all done up n everytingy seems 2 run smoothli sho far!! that's great!! hehehe!! WELL DONE GUYS!! *WhEe!!* hehehe!! =))

as usual im down wif mi sports life n swimming all yeaps?? rather kewl but at least i releasing e stress that ish contain in mi 4 sho sho long!! hehehe!! Went swimming wif wei ping 2dae as it has been a real long tyme since i last saw her though!! hehehe!! change alorte indeed as in her?? hahaha!! betta attidute n all now n i hope she kips that up!! hahaha!! aniwae had a great chat wif her 2dae as well!! hehehe!! =))

i've kinda bored though sho i've decided 2 put mi group members picture in mi blog issue HERE!! hehehe!! dey r 1 kewl pple though!! at e same tyme place sum of those cuties pple pics yeaps?? hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

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~*JaSoN n JaSmIn!!*~ *We kal dem e couple manx!! hehehe!!* =))

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~*JaSoN,RyLi,JaSmIn,WeE tEcK n JaCoB!!*~ *Its e us!! hehehe!!* =))

~*HiPpIeS!!*~ *hehehe!!* =))

~*ItS dOwN 2 DeM!!*~ *hehehe!!* =))