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Thursday, November 09, 2006 @ 4:04 AM | 0 comments

Pretty stress up tis few deas kan sae!! Especialli last few wks b4 e exam period start off!! *GoSh!!* i was struggling lyk nobodi business manx!!Didnt even had e opportunity 2 mit up that precious lil one 4 6 DAMN DAES!! til e sun came!! coz were alwaes filled wif busi schedules!! Actualli i tynk its mi wif e busi schedules!! hahahaha!! Sho sorri alright?? i had no choice either!! I didnt even get e chance 2 blog until 2dae yeaps??

Mani tingy has happen n its kinda hard if im gonna write or type dem down yeajx?? sho i shall briefli sae it in e blog!! Loads of misunderstanding occur between mi n precious but everytingy seems 2 b alright 4 now!! Den had been backstabbed once again by pple n guess that person did those tingy just becoz of a farking 300 BUCKS?? i dunch understand manx!! *FcUk!!* i didnt xpect such a tingy 2 happen yeaps?? dissapointment indeed but i dunch gif a FARKING damn abt it coz i aint thier kinda pple at all sho whyee bother?? i had enuff of all e lies, e backstabbing or warteva SHIT will that b but i seriousli aint gif a FARKING DAMN!! *WaRtEvA!!* Sum pple would just run away frm reality after starting all e mess n others haf 2 clear up e SHIT left behind!! *WtF!!* its irritating manx!!

I had been occupied wif loads of tingy 2 do n settle tis few daes that i aint haf anityme 2 kare abt ani other unwanted problems that arise yeahx?? sho just let mi haf a peacex of mind will u pple?? *FrUsTrAtEd!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~