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Sunday, December 10, 2006 @ 2:26 AM | 0 comments

I swear e comp at mi hse SUCKS hardcore kan?? i alwaes haf e mood 2 blog no matta how tired am i but now that e comp monitor spoil n every single minutes i will haf 2 lyk BLOODY on n off e monitor, i get sho pissed that i gaf up on blogging 4 e dae!! hahaha!! Though i knw it sounds kinda lame but im just lazi!! hahaha!! that's e moral of everytingy yeaps?? *GoSh!!* aniwae gorte back frm dance again n a new girl came 2 join our group!! she's a sweet girl indeed love dancing wif her n e others!! hehehe!! poor faris gotta b stuck at TEKONG 4 now while e rest of us r NJOYING e dance n life!! wahaha!!

I kant seem 2 c warte ish realli goin on between us realli?? coz of all tis it's realli making mi beri confused n norte knwing warte am i 2 do!! pleasing u ish realli norte an easi tingy or job 2 do, do u knw that?? sumtymes it makes mi sho stress that i get sho mad n upset wif miself!! im a girl whu wants freedom n yesh i knw how 2 control it though n u dere controlling mi freedom sho tight den how?? u tell mi warte am i suppose 2 do?? Do i haf 2 go 2 e extend of locking miself at hm just 2 make u happi?? cing u happi ish enuff whether i happi anorte doesnt realli matta 2 u ryte anorte?? perhaps i guess but i dunch knw, n i mean i realli dunch!! =((

Making mi do sumtingy that ish wae beyond warte i am u also haf 2 spare a thot 4 mi yeaps?? dunch onli tynk how u feel n warte u feel, tynk abt e person ur controlling!! e feelings she might haf inside of her!! if tis lil tingy u olso kant do i realli dunch knw warte else i kan sae alr??ow that im alr super stress up wif other tingy sho e less burden i kan hold i will appreciaite it!! sho i realli hope u'll b more understanding abt mi!! thanki!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~