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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 @ 11:42 PM | 0 comments

Okie im down wif flu n ASTHMA lyk duhz!! Fcuking bad wanna i swear!! *GoSh!!* dunch knw wassup wif those bods of mine!! kinda sucky though!! okie warteva!! hahaha!! aniwae im fyne now thanki god coz that tyme i was down wif SUPER serious asthma yeahx?? spend super loads of money on e damn medical fees yarhx?? fcuk up manx!! realli *FcUk!!* now i kant go 4 dance at e moment coz i scared i will agitated e asthma though i realli feel lyk dancing loads!! hehehe!!

aniwae thanki 2 those pple whu was realli concern abt mi during mi sick period yeahx?? especialli lil precious yeahx?? alwaes showing e worriedness n e concern untill 2 sum kinda extend that e total cuteness was dere yeahx?? kan make mi laugh lahx!! i just njoy cing e cute side of that lil precious yup yup?? hehehe!! heard that mi dance mayb cuming up wif a performance at a sch but norte beri sure abt it yetx yuppies?? n dere we go changing our group name again n its coz new pple has join us!! its kinda sadistic 2 hear e split up of thier group as well!! aniwae welcum 2 our group GIRL!! u knw whu u r!! hehehe!! =))

Alright sum pple in msn tynk that i haf gone missing coz he didnt c mi 4 sho long yeaps?? alwaes busi wif gf how 2 mit up huh ER ZHI?? u tell mi?? hahahaha!! I wasnt missing at all ish just that ur 2 busi n YESH i knw u wun miss mi wanna lahx!! u tis ER ZHI onli kare abt ur MEI MEI norte ur MUMMI kan?? hahaha!! i'll rmb that yeaps?? Thanki yups?? hahaha!!=)) aniwae u betta take gddi karez of urself as well alright?? dunch PLAY arnd 2 much its norte gddi!! hahaha!! cya arnd though!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~