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Monday, December 25, 2006 @ 12:04 PM | 0 comments

Alright went over 2 his aunt hse 4 dinner n we ate alorte alorte!! Coz e food was delicious indeed n dey both had their favourite potato salad as usual!! gorte both his mum n auntie a gifts n hope dey lyk it though!! Aniwae luckili i manage 2 get all mi gifts in tyme 4 everyone n FINALLI a perfect shirt 4 lil precious!! felt sho contented just lyk an achievement yeahx?? hehehe!! ooo...ya thanki 4 e lacoste shoes yup yup?? a wonderful xmas gifts yeahx?? Was able 2 get a taste of gddi wines of both e red n e white dere!! sho coolz lahx!! hehehe!! e dogs r cuties 2 manx!! Aniwae tymes just fly pas sho sho fast i swear!! one yr ago i was dere n now again!! everytingy ish happen just sho sho fast yeahx?? its just sho unbelievable!! *GoSh!!*

Coz i couldnt catch e last bus hm sho i had 2 stay over at his mum's place n that lead 2 a BIG, HUGE TIFF wif lil precious!! he was pissed n sho am i!! whyee ish everytingy alwaes lyk that?? i just kant bring miself 2 get piss wif u 4 long i knw i kant!! aniwae i was realli tired n mad that i off both mi hp n went off 2 sleep coz i HATED that BLODDY, FCUKING attidute he throw 2 mi earlier on!! i said it alorte alorte of tyme alr!! even no matta how pissed u r tis ish norte e wae!! i hate pple 2 put down mi fone just lyk that n u alwaes do it!! *FcUk!!* i knw ur getting revenage lahx ah!! if u wanna continue tis wae that sho b it!! though he apoplogise after that but coz i off mi hp he gorte pissed again!! Even went 2 e extend 2 make such a childish move!! *WtH!!* whyee must u 2 that!! Ah...im tired alright?? realli tired!! warte do u realli wanna?? everytingy i do just doesnt seems ryte 4 u n nth ish PERFECT abt mi 4 u!! =((

I kant bring miself norte 2 tynk!! i tried n tried but nth seems 2 work!! Warte ish all tis manx!! whyee must all tis tingy happen 2 mi n just 2 mi?? warte do i realli wanna?? warte do i intend 2 get?? i realli haf no idea!! mi life ish totalli cock up, fulli i guess!! nth ish gonna change!! NTH!! but whyee?? how long am i goin 2 face tis kinda tingy kan u just tell mi?? tell mi!! *ArGh!!* =((

*Thanki all those pple 4 their x'mas gifts!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~