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Friday, December 29, 2006 @ 2:32 AM | 0 comments

Alright christmas dae was a lil spoil dae in e beginning but after that i manage 2 mit up wif pat n we were kinda lyk chilling n shopping in town yup yup?? gorte kinda loads of tingy 2 catch up wif her n heard sum bad new though!! Could c she was upset over e break up wif mi bestie but dunch worri alright?? everytingy will b fynd kae?? dunch tynk 2 much though!! as 4 mi, im pretty upset 2!! conflicts again!! den all e lil emotional words n action came up as well!! but tingy was fyne after that!!

Hey girl!! try norte 2 tynk 2 much kae?? kip urself occupied at e mean tyme alright?? Btw town was pretty crowded coz it was christmas yups?? lyk duhz!! hahaha!! had e mood 2 shop but pretty outta cash sho nah!! im unable 2!! *GoSh!!* n weather was bad sho mi n her end up sitting down at e entrance of far east drinking bubble tea!! Coolz huh?? hahaha!!

We gonna bored sho end up taking pics wif pat digi cam!!! i've yet 2 get mine yup?? hahaha!! i wonder when will that b?? its a wish 4 e tyme being!! =((

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