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Thursday, December 21, 2006 @ 3:30 AM | 0 comments

YEAPS!! i didnt miss tis yr xtreme games at DTE!! hehehe!! Sho happi!! Went down norte onli 2 support e east side riders but olso mi lil precious n e other west side riders as well!! Though tis ish onli e 2nd tyme i attended BMX comps but i do realli njoy it!! I haf 2 drag miself outta of bed earli 2 rush down n support that lil precious playing yeahx?? he did pretty well i kan c!! hehehe!! glad 4 him though!! e others plae well 2 yarhx?? Im norte being biased yeaps?? hahaha!! Fair n square person i am alwaes!! hehehe!! =))

Aniwae thanki 2 MR dotcom 4 taking mi into e comp place coz that washing machine guy or CROOK boy den pick mi up lahx!! hahaha!! aiyo!! left mi alone lyk a loner when i reach DTE!! sho pathetic but luckili i didnt miss lil precious run on e 1st dae yeahx?? REALLI big thanki 2 GORE MEN!! hahaha!! N isser thanki 4 inviting mi 2 e comp though i saw ur testi late yeaps?? but i appreciate it loads n i was indeed glad 2 cya dere as well!! hehehe!! Gonna drop by at bowl 2 chill outta wif u guys real soon yeahx?? hehehe!! =)) Aniwae CONGRATS 2 lil precious whu gorte quailified 4 e finals!! Im sho proud of ya!! hehehe!! =))

2nd dae of e comp i woke up pretty earli, met naqiah n we had a long chat frm e bus stop at ubi all e wae 2 DTE!! But it was raining sho we had difficulty getting our wae 2 DTE but we styl made it n were glad we didnt miss e comp!! hehehe!! Aniwae c all their performance n all e finalist were gddi i kan sae!! i bet those judges were having headaches making their top 3 winners ah!! hahaha!! poor tingy manx!! aniwae Congrats 2 danny, luke n nizam 4 representing e east side in cuming in e top 10 position yeahx?? e other east side riders that didnt cum in top 10th, u styl done ur bestie yeahx?? try harder next tyme round!! n CONGRATS 2 lil precious in cuming e top 10th position which ish 7th yeahx??!! happi 4 u guys!! *ChEeRs!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~