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Wednesday, March 14, 2007 @ 2:30 AM | 0 comments

Alright now, when was e last last tyme i blog?? Gosh i tynk its damn long ago manx!! wahahaha!! aniwae now im back 2 blogging n i'll try 2 blog more often now yup yup?? hehehe!! since i haf a lil more tyme 2 spare now 2 update mi blog yeahx?? aniwae had lotsa practices 4 dance n all!! now im in charge of attendance sho i haf pretty NO excuses 4 being late 4 dance!! *DaMn!!* hahaha!! big responsibility huh?? hehehe!! =))
Had a recent performance at amk hdb hub!! super coolz wanna coz it was a pretty much last min performance yups?? but evertingy was smooth i guess!! hehehe!! coolz n interesting dae!! more n more r joining n now its a combine wif e M3 peeps as well!! welcum guys!! n e siglaps peeps 2!! nice miting u guys!! hehehe!! =))
More n more tingy r goin 2 cum along e wae n we'll yet 2 c more interesting tingy happening yeahx?? hehehe!! i'll try 2 get e video updated sho that u pple outta dere kan get a chance 2 view e performance alright?? hehehe!! =))
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