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Monday, April 23, 2007 @ 9:12 AM | 0 comments

Alright it was a night of fun n njoyment yeaps?? wakie up pretty earli on sat n rush down 2 sk 2 mit e others at cp to go 2 nan chiau pri!! we were having a performance cum competition. we were suppose 2 deco e hall n make e place look lyk a clubbing scene yeaps?? When we reach e sch everyone we waiting 4 the others 2 cum n all!! as long as e others starting arriving, we began wif e deco. every1 was sho tired after everytingy n i even took nap on the floor. i swear i was super super tired kae?? hahaha!! after e deco, we rest a lil while n we had to start getting ourselves prepared by changing, putting up make up!! e tyme was realli tight that we didnt had e chance 2 reherse!!

Tymes flies n in a short while, all of mi supporters arrive!! n im realli glad abt that!! realli realli happi 2!! hehehe!! it was the 1st tyme i realli put on a beri proper full make up!! gorte mi hair style up n all as well!! But i tynk it's realli coolx yups?? hehehe!! when it was mi group turns to perform, i was kinda nervous n i swear i was but im starting 2 get use 2 it alr!! hahaha!! although we were all tense for the moment, we manage 2 bring evertingy well on stage!! heheheh!! i kan sae all of us simply njot that dae loads n loads!! hehhe!! i even gotta ang outta wif mi buddies after that!! i realli glad yeahx?? hehehe!! =))

Btw i took a few picture n im gonna upload it yeaps?? hop u guys will njoy cing it!! hehhe!! n i realli wanna thanki everybodi whu came 2 support mi n support our group!! THANKI!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~