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ThE eVeNt HeLd At SeNtOsA!! =))

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 @ 2:48 AM | 0 comments

alright i haf tis performance held at sentosa on e previous sat!! Tis performance was basicalli 4 1 of mi fwens sch famili dae yeaps?? e weather was terribleli HOT that has alreadi spoil half of mi mood n den came outta wif another lil attidute frm sum pple that kinda spoil e whole dancing mood!! YESH it did ruin mi whole mood 4 e performance n i swear it was e worst performance eva lahx!! *GoSh!!* Realli hope e outcumin performance wun b lyk tis animore!!

Aniwae realli wanna thanki all those supporters whu went down on that hot n sunni dae 2 support us alright?? Thanki once again!! its realli being appreciated alright?? N mi poor lil babi had 2 wakie up erali 2 accompani mi dere as well!! hehehe!! Thanki!! We took a group foto as well!! Guess its a wae 2 c how much tis group has grew 2 all tis while!! kinda coolz though!! but im realli proud of tis group coz we gone thru sho much but styl staying strong!! *WhEe!!* hehehe!! =))

Went down 2 bowl 2dae was lyk goin back 2 e old tymes i hang outta wif dem but no matta warte, e atmosphere has change sho did e pple!! im glad izat came back 2 riding though!! hehehe!! sayang came late but she styl did came down 2 accompani mi!! n i finalli to 2 blue eyes after sho long manx!! hehehe!! aniwae most importantli was e accompani of mi lil babi yeaps?? hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~