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Sunday, April 29, 2007 @ 11:59 AM | 0 comments

Alright i thot i was sick tis few daes sho i could stick at hm 2 change mi blog skins but i simply kant do it!! it's coz all i felt lyk doin was 2 sleep sleep sleep!! that all nth else!! coz i took medi a onli a lil lose all my appetitte n everytingy!! The feeling was horribly bad i swear!! miss sch 4 lyk 3 daes n i miss mi fwens, dance mates, outting, mi babi, dating etc!! everytingy!! esp missing e nice FOOD!! tis ish all i realli lack of during mi sicks periods kan?? at hm all i felt was lyk puking puking puking!! nth else but that!! it's horrible i tell u pple!! no energy!! sleepy n all!! bad bad bad!!

Now at least im feeling much much betta trying to regain all e energy i've lose sho that im strong enuff to do alorte alorte of tingy that i wanna do!! kant waste mi tyme doin nth but just lieing on the bad tis wae yeaps?? it looks realli HORRIBLE to e max!! help mi pple!! now i knat wait 2 go back sch n i mean realli kant wait manx!! n i kant wait 4 e prac to start!! YA YA YA!! dance prac!! start soon manz!! im kinda getting bored without it!! hehehe!! =))

guess i've gotta start tyning how i wanna change mi blog skins coz im getting tired of it as well but pple bear wif mi kae?? i'l get it done asap alright??

*P.S (Yenny HaPpI bElAtEd BuRfDaE!! sorri i couldnt attend ur bbq alright?? though i hope i was dere that dae!! )

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~