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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 @ 2:43 AM | 0 comments

Its was an outting 4 us 2 celebrate both of our buddies special daes!! 1st it was a burfdae n 2nd 4 1 of our buddies ns enlistment yeaps?? kinda sad that he has gotta go ns sho soon yups?? Hey!! we'll realli gonna miss ya manx!! *GoSh!!* Aniwae im kinda excited 2 c him go BOTAK manx!! i bet it's gonna b real real farni!! hahaha!! N dere goes 1 of den whu ish geting another old OLDER huh?? hahaha!! norte in e teenage age lyk warte she sae alr!! hehehe!! styl another yr manx girl!! hehehe!! =))

Alright we were suppose 2 mit up at 2pm but ended up being late lyk alwaes yeaps?? dunch blame mi guys!! i didnt had enuff sleep due 2 e metro bmx jam last 2 daes!! Saeing abt e metro tingy i've realli gotta sae e guys whu ride bmx frm e US r realli nuts manx!! MORGAN WADE try doin a tailwhip 2 icepick on a grill w storey high manx!! isn't that NUTS?? it ish ryte?? exactli!! but i haf 2 admit that their moves r reali nice n beautiful though dey r rather challenging n dngerous yeaps?? Kinda wasted i didnt mange 2 took pictures wif ani of dem!! n mi lil idol KYM ROSS!! he's such a CUTIEZ!! hahaha!! n e onli rider 2 b breakless in doin all e tough moves kae?? how daring of him!! but u'v gorte mi support!! *WhEe!!* Alright back 2 those outting!! hehehe!! guess warte?? we took lotsa pick on e wae 2 esplanade yeaps?? hehehe!! nice pics though!! gonna upload lata!! hehehe!! =))

Den we had our meal at coffee club n gorte our staff discount coz mi fwen works dere yeaps?? coolz

indeed but styl ex!! luckili i share wif pat sho it wldnt b 2 filling till i kant walk yups?? hehehe!!
thanki girl!! den we had games n punishment sections!! videoing n all as well kinda interesting!! haa!! aniwae it was njoyable!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~