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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 @ 9:50 AM | 0 comments

Babi came 2 fynd mi after sch n we were lyk waqlking round causeway n ended up at sum UK FUN FAIR tingy!! hahaha!! ask him play e coolz VORTEX game but he sae he wasnt prepared sho alright decided norte 2 play it!! hehehe!! afraid lata his legs go wombling n i wldt b able 2 carry him yarhx?? hehehe!! btw i was surprise 2 c CHOE wif her bf dere as well n boh of us haf e same mentalilty that e game was wae 2 expensive 2 play yeaps?? n it was lahx!! lyk $7.50 4 a game that ish lyk less den 5 mins!! will u play?? i doubt sho!! hahaha!! btw choe guy ish super SHY!! hehehe!!

alright im starting 2 love those hair that i having now!! n e fringe!! *WOW!!* im loving it pple!! hehehe!! that probali e reason whyee im lyk cam whoring all dae long!! hahaha!! after dinner though we were lyk at mac using mi laptop n dere goes all e FUN!! while babi was searching his stuff, i was lyk using him cam taking all sort of picture wif all sort of effects!! *OH GOSH!!* i love that feelings or those feelings n im starting 2 fynd us adorable yeaps?? *CuTiEz!!* hahaha!! =))

n now im lyk back in sch!! n im feelings super tired!! paula ish norte in sch 2dae?? or was she late?? guess she's norte cuming!! that lefts mi n CHOE!! n she's emo 2dae coz she sae sho!! hehehe!! hope 2 njoy sch 2dae!! coz its SCIENCE life 2dae again!! n e viagra tingy ish goin round!! hahahaa!! =))
~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~