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Wednesday, May 02, 2007 @ 8:33 PM | 0 comments

Paula was norte in sch 2dae sho that means mi group ish left wif onli 4 pple!! n that ish mi, zhan yuan, haidir and xiao fei xiang!!! hahaahha!! he kals himself that!! alright we wun even bothered abt our presentation n that goes SPECIALLI 4 mi!! coz i was farking busi doing mi blog kept creating n creating, fynding the ryte skin when i couldnt n gotta even ask YUN 2 help mi!! *GoSh!!* Den when she fynalli help mi i too managed to fynd e skin!! warte e HELL!! gorte mi all MESSED UP!! hehehe!! luckili everytingy was done well n NICE!! hahaha!! =))

Back to mi presentation yeaps?? hehehe!! help haidir and e others 2 cum outta wif the group conclusion sho at least i did mi job!! den throw dem doin all e job n I?? doin nth!! KENNOT!! I aint that bad!! n haidir kept kalling mi 4 help!! hahaha!!

Haidir: Cheryl help!! Plz help mi!!
Cheryl: Help warte?? the presentation?? kk wait i do mi blog 1st!! im stress!! *LAUGHS!!*
Haidir: *Kept quiet 4 awhile!!*
Haidir: Cheryl can help e presentation?? we nid a conclusion!!
Cheryl: kk!! alright in awhile!! *LAUGHS!!*
Haidir: OK!! *Watch soccer craps!!* *LAUGH OUTTA LOUDS!!*
Haidir: Cheryl okie alr!! do the presentation conclusion!! Help!! *LAUGHS!!*

Cheryl: okie okie!! *STARTED TYPING!!*

C pple?? kan u how mani tymes e poor guy ask mi 4 help buti just kept doing mi blog?? hahaha!! sho evil ryte?? but i didnt mean it realli?? hehehe!! alright at least i gorte those work all done!! O ya i even gorte those DUA pics uploaded on e performance!! hehehe!! n i tynk its nice!! hehehe!! gonna upload those lata!! hehehe!! =))

~*I miss all e dancers!!*~ hehehe!! =))

~*YUN ish coolz!*~ hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*TiS iSh OuR gRoUp PiC aFtEr e PeRfOrMaNcE!!*~ hehehe!! =))

~*Alright tis ish HAIDIR pple!! hehehe!! i gorte a snap shot of him!! aniwae a nice guys though!!*~ hehehehe!! =))