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Wednesday, May 09, 2007 @ 9:02 AM | 0 comments

Its lyk crazi after lesson manx!! e whole klazz was lyk goin insane over e VIAGRA tingy!! n i reminded e faci 4 mi team CHOCOLATE!! he owes that 2 mi beloved group kan?? *HmPh!!* N im gonna sae.... "OUR SCIENCE FACI HAS HOT HOT N SEXY LIPS!!" yeahx balls!! hahah!! i tynk that warte makes him hot bois!! hehehe!! *Bleahx!!* but he has e beri rushy habit manx!! after lesson, he neber fails to rush of super super fast yeahx?? dunch get it whyee!! btw im gonna put his pic 2 show u guys is HOT, SEXY LIPS!! hehehe!! =))

*Our faci!!*
Alright after lesson, we were lyk goin crazin wif retard faces n cam craze!! choe cldnt stop laughing coz of carson twist faces and she was lyk wanting carson 2 do it again n again!! hahaha!! i even suggested they take a twin pics coz dey reali look ALIKE when dey do those faces!! n carson, i've gotta sae....."HE'S MY GAY PARTNER!!" im gonna take a gay pic wif him!! hahaha!! sho adorable idea!! hehehe!! den choe n mi decided 2 take a retard pic wif our faces!! n we did RETARD faces!! it was realli retarded i sweear!! hehehe!! but it was FUN!! hahaha!! she edited e pic n i fynd it kewl!! *U GO GIRL!!* hehehe!! =))
as 4 YUN i gotta sae she was nuts over her FAKE tatoo n her laptop cam!! wahahaha!! alright i have 2 sae i realli love her tatoo though n i love e cam aking session!! it was nice!! n i love her!! alright 4 ur info im norte a lessi!! i just love her coz she's e adorable girls in mi klazz lyk all e other girls!! hehehe!! aniwae we r camwhoring over e laptop cam!! hehehe!! *FUN FUN FUN!!* gonna stick tis bond wif all of dem!! hehehe!! =))
~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~