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Friday, May 11, 2007 @ 9:09 AM | 0 comments

it was a tiring dae ystd manx!! practice practice practice!! i was lyk practicing hard wif e others 4 sum reason yeahx?? alright it was during break again that i started the stupid idea of camwhoring yeaps?? hehehe!! i kno wit sounds dumb but indeed it was real fun!! we were laughing n laughing lyk crazi kan?? hehehe!!

Aniwae gorte carson 2 accompani mi taking e same bus n we tok ALORTE in e bus n i swear e FUCKING BUS was super super super HOT!! kan die sialx in e bus!! thanki god i gorte him my gay partner 2 accompani mi!! hehehe!! for ur info pple im a GUY n he's e GIRL alright?? hehehe!! n haidir ish mi next GAY partner!! i've gorte 2 of dem in mi klazz n dey are simply adorable!! hehehe!! =))

n dere's also a ELMO in mi klazz!! hahaha!! n o ya im obesses wif mirrors!! hehehe!! i simply love mirrors n i dunch knw whyee!! mayb coz of the retardation we all did in klazz last few daes!! hehehe!! n i simply kant bear 2 leave dem after e 16 weeks of sch!! i hate spliting up!! i hate that!! =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~