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~*SHL camp!!*~ =))

Monday, May 07, 2007 @ 9:33 AM | 0 comments

E CAMP WAS HORRIBLE I MEAN DISORGANISED!! IT WAS FUN KNWING NEW FWENS BUT I WANNA GO 2 A CAMP THAT ISH ORGANISED RYTE?? HAHAHA!! aniwae fynalli build a bond wif cludia n hafis as dey were at e camp 2!! n knw new fwens 2 e extend of driving outta in 1 of our fwens car n go rounding!! hehehe!! it was super fun manx!! Kant belief e amount of fun we had!! hahaha!! e music BLAST damn loud n e car ish lyk onli a mth old?? n he's lyk 19 yrs?? rich dudez!! hehehe!! nice knwing dem n glad that were gonna b classmates soon i hope sho!! hehehe!! nice car though dudes!! haa!! =))

I was lyk at mi babi hse ystd n we were lyk crazi over e acer laptop cam that we styl taking pics over n over until i lose e programme!! *GOSH!!* but i love those pics yeaps?? hehehe!! fynd it cuties n interesting!! hehehe!! aniwae im gonna njoy it!! hehehe!! =)) n im gonna upload e pic i took wif faris!! he look sho lyk ELMO!! hahaha!! =))

alright alorte of tingy happens in dance n i was quite dissapointed though!! trying to help but i couldnt tynk of how?? all i kan sae ish were gotta stick hard n help DUA 2 move on alright guys?? i dunch wanna lose u guys!! *EVERY SINGLE 1 OF U ARE IMPORTANT 2 US!!* hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~