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Friday, May 04, 2007 @ 9:55 AM | 0 comments

WARTE A HORRIBLE LESSON WE HAD YSTD 4 COMPUTING MATHS!! E LESSON SUCKS N E FACI SUCKS!! im neber goin 2 listen 2 his lesson if he's gonna teach us again!! he kept goin round getting pple 2 off their msn n all!! n he said "I DO NORTE BELIEF IN PRIVACY!!" WARTE BULLSHIT!! it's our laptop sho its our decision lahx!! "IRRITATING!!" alright i realise i was being evil about saeing e faci but WHU CARES!! he's lyk trying 2 pick mi!! damn!!

Aniwae gorte hm realli late ystd due 2 e audi n by e tyme i gorte hm i was super tired manx!! kant wait 2 sleep onli!! GOSH im starting 2 b lyk a PIG!! hahaha!! e audi was fun, cing alorte of pple dancing 2gether n cing choe n paula dancing hip hop wif mi was lyk sho sho coolz kan?? kan c dey were pretty tired but dey were njoying themselves. hehehe!!
Okie i just came back from buying MOCHA at CAFE GALILEE and we had a foto taking session dere wif loads of laughter!! i even gorte hit by the library door entrance coz of YUN!! hahaha!! she was trying 2 MURDER mi manx!! hahaha!! alright i was just kidding!! hehehe!! it was pack but were having loads of fun!! hehehe!!
i tynk e most nervous part was e judging n having 2 freestyle!! Coz it was lyk dancing infront of every1 n i gorte mi 1st trail all SCREW UP!! but luckili lata was okie!! hehehe!! results r outta 2dae n i just saw it n im gonna sae.....

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*RyLi N nUrUl!!*~ *hehehe!! =))

~*AzElY, jErAlD, pAuLa n RyLi!!*~ *hehehe!!* =))

~*JeRaLd N pAuLa!!*~ hehehe!! =))

~*Alright im SHORTER then PAULA!!*~ hahaha!! =))

~*PaUlA n YuN!!*~ hehehe!! =))

~*GiRl pOwEr!!*~ hehehe!! =))

~*Mi wif AZELY spects!!*~ hahaha!! =))