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Monday, May 14, 2007 @ 2:54 PM | 0 comments

BACK FRM E CAMP LYK FYNALLI!! BUT IT WAS FUN!! i learn alorte frm e camp lyk baby freeze which i couldnt do all along!! im realli glad about it!! i olso made coolz fwens n coolz teammates!! dey realli make it work outta well!! dey make mi dae as well!! im proud of us cuming up wif e moves ourself n all!! its all of our team works and hard works and cooperation!!*I LOVE THEM!!* hehehe!! =)) for ur info pple my group name was PORNSTUFF!! hehehe!! sounds coolz ryte?? just lyk e pple in e group!! hehehe!! =))

btw gorte mi knee injured almost gaf up e performance coz i couldnt bend mi knee but 4 e passion, i perserved on!! n im norte goin 2 gif up!! though i feel that mi chances of getting in is much lesser after some questioning!! but i kan sae i learn alorte!! n e seniors r real fun pple!! *THANKI NEL N FIQ!!* hehehe!! =))

im sad after sumtingy that happen!! yesh im down!! im in pain!! i wanna cry!! i just wanna feel more comfortable!! btw thanki paula n choe!! im realli glad ur dere 4 mi when i broke down!! thanki 4 e tissue!! n thanki 2 e faci MISS LIM she was dere 2 comfort mi as well!! n last but norte least, thanki 4 e BIG HUG yun n e chocolate!! *I LOVE U ALL!!* hehehe!! =))

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