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Monday, June 04, 2007 @ 11:18 AM | 0 comments

i fynalli caught mi pirates show on fri after sch wif DUA!! it was mi idea though!! wahahaah! aniwae hope u guys did njoy e show alright?? hehehe!! o ya ayis!! thanki 4 that candid shot ah!! i wldnt haf known abt it until i saw it manx!! n it lok sho HORRIBLE!! omg omg!! haahaha!! its totalli a CANDID SHOT ah!! oh gosh!! wahahha!!

i just simply love the show sho sho much that i watch almost all e episode alr kan?? its sho nice n e ending was sho touchy that tears rol down mi eyes yeahx?? hehehe!! loving it sho sho much!!

aniwae just manage 2 bought a shirt frm top shop ystd?? a dress perhaps n i love e design!! hehehe!! n e price was olso reasonable yeahx??

aniwae gonna post those pics 4 u guys 2 c!! heehehe!! =))

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