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Tuesday, June 19, 2007 @ 11:42 AM | 0 comments

warte am i lyk suppose 2 write?? er.....alright i tynk i knw yeaps?? hehehe!! i bored lahx!! lyk sho damn obvious ah!! kant u people c!! wahahahah!! okie 2dae i was earli 4 mi test but it was e network that lag that cause mi 2 lyk lessen down mi tyme yeahx?? but gorte it done on tyme sho okie lahx yeahx?? hhehehe!! aniwae i've gorte astory 2 sae here manx!!

okie here it goes!! i was lyk on e wae 2 zhenghua cc 4 a briefing wif e others den were lyk taking e bus no 187 to bp ( bukit panjang!!) den when we reach our destination, i came down frm the bus n i turn back look and 2 wait for e others n dere were lyk a long big pathwae near mi n dere was tis UNCLE, OMG!! he haf 2 lyk walk just bside mi n sho just nice i turnback mi head, n he FARKING elbowed mi lahx at mi jaw!! wah i swear it was sho damn pain n he didnt even bloody apologise n he style stared at mi manx!! WTF!! i almost slap him ah!! crazy OLD MAN!! *ArGh!!* dunch u try 2 touch sumtingy ur NORTE suppose 2 touch ah!! IDIOT!!

okie i sounds pissed n yesh i am ah!! until now mi jaw styl pain!! damn!! hahahahaha!! =))
Faisal: do u guys knw how tortise haf sex??
US: No!!
Ryli: the male wanna will go on top of the female wanna??
Faisal: ya correct!! but do u knw warte kinda sound dey produced while having sex??
Ryli: do dey even cum outta sound??
Faisal: YA!! that tyme i watch e discovery channel n i saw e male tortise goin up on the female tortise and at e same tyme he moves, he produces e sound "Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!!" ( imagine e wae a guy moan wif that kinda voice!!)
Ryli: Den how about e female tortise??
Faisal: her reaction was lyk " WTF it seems sho boring, n ur boring!!"
All: Started laughing super super loud!!
alright it was farni ah!! hahha!!! =)

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