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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 @ 12:39 PM | 1 comments

Lyk i alwaes sae!! if UR unhappi about mi just sae it 2 mi!! gorte msn, e-mail, face to face, sms!! sho mani waes of comunication ryte?? sho difficult 2 sae?? u wanna maintain tis friendship den u will haf 2 sae warte ur unhappi!! dunch tell others or ask others coz it wil not help!! its between U n MI!! u knw it!!

norte that im unhappi just disappointed!! yesssss!! u haf ur hun whu help n b wif u all e wae n i neber thot of snatching her awae frm u yeaps?? i dunch knw r u jealous or sumtingy sumtymes when i n her agree on sumtingy n u dunch but i hope ur norte yeahx?? coz i haf no such jealousy thot at all kae?? i treat u all as mi bestie regardless we r beri kloze or warte ish!! coz e bond ish wif u guys!! i sae it b4 n u knw it!!

i agree that sumtymes i dislike ur hot temper or pissed attidute!! but im trying 2 accept it coz i trea u as mi bestie as well!! just wanna tell u that u haf 2 change a lil of that kae?? ish jjust mi point of view!! no offence or antingy kae?? i just wanna sae outta warte i feel!! i dunch tynk i shld kip it inside of mi coz i dunch wanna it 2 turn into hatred alright?? i hate tis kinda feeling!! ish okie if u dunc ask mi go 4 break wif u guys n all!! if u dunch lyk mi 2 follow u kan let mi knw yarhx?? its okie!! i just dunch wanna tis kinda tingy of pissed of tingy 2 go on n on!! i wanna solve it that it!!

i dunch wanna tis kinda feeling 2 move on!! I HATE TIS N I DUNCH WANNA LOSE A FWEN LYK U ALRIGHT?? =((