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~*ReMiX 07'!!*~ =))

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 @ 11:58 AM | 0 comments

i was suppose to mit ger 4 a walk actualli on sat but end up we were at remix!! hehehe!! watching wonderful and nice dancong i swear!! its super super nice cing all e different chorograph steps and different types of dance from hip hop 2 jazz n all yeahx?? hehehe!! =))

e moves was marvellous and wanna sae congrats 2 RELLA for getting the bestie female dance twice in a role of 06' and 07'!! ur my IDOL GURL!! hehehe!! i was dere wif e other SMC crews and we took pics, loads n loads of them!! real fun ah!! hehehe!!

saw jojo, ayis, gee and e others!! it was a long tyme since i danceeeee wif dem alr!! kinda feel lyk im taking a break frm dance although im norte!! feeling weird though!! dunch knw whyee as well!! just feel sho!! kinda left out in sum wae n though!! sorri guys!! but i just feel sho tis wae!! =((

* When the song starts playing,
ur presents just flows through,
my mind!!
i cant help thinking about you,
i tried my best but i kant,
When i listen to the song without you around,
i will just miss you!!
Misses you badly that i wanna c u around mi,
just wishing that your around mi 2 be with mi!!
I just wanna you to know that i nid you always,
and be with me the moment the song starts playing!!* =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~