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Monday, August 27, 2007 @ 3:32 PM | 21 comments


alright i was suppose 2 lyk blog on sat itself but e system had some error that practical erase off all wartei plan 2 post on e sat entry!! gosh!! that realli pised mi off!! sho im back 2 blogging again 2dae!! n since i had promise 2 post on entry abt W25E rmb?? hehehe!! i haf 2 kip 2 eat!! hehehe!! aniwae gorte mi haircut on e fri itself as it was sch holis, after that i headed to parkwae to fynd e others 4 a supermarket shopping spree yeahx?? we went cranjy taht we almost crank e whole damn giant down i bet!! wwahaha!! but it was hell loads of fun i swear!! after that we work our wae 2 ecp 2 get our bbq pit ready yeaps?? had loads of fun that nyte wif games, food, even e faci came!! sho glad abt that n THANKI!! n i haf 2 sae that our computing faci wife!! OMG!! ish super swit looking ladi!! thanks 4 joining us!! okie warte e hell gorte into mi that make mi noicing girls n norte guys!! DAMN!! im norte les that's 4 sure pple!! get that sentence straight in ur heads!! hehehe!!

when it was tyme 2 leave all e emoing started!! carson n jeksen realli broke down in tears n that lead 2 e others whu broke down 2!! especialli mi!! coz all e memories of tis klass realli gush stright 2 mi mynd!! goodness gracious!! im gonna miss tis klass manx!! till now n 2dae i styl misses every single one of u alright?? gosh!! hehehe!! =))

aniwae a lil note for all of u alright?? here it goes.....

>Azely: Hey AZ!! YESH im gonna rmb u tis BESTIE GAY BOY!! i will never forget e bond that we had from e starting of e semester till e end of e semester n i hope it will styl continue on alright?? its a 4 sure!! hehehe!! im gonna miss all e noisy n lames jokes we haf n im neber gonna 4get dem!! sho u better norte as well!! hehehe!! MASTER AZELY!! taht word ish indeed real cool sho hold it up 4 e next VB coding!! hehehe!! were gona hang outta soon n i mean real soon alright?? n thanki 4 lending mi ur ear piece alwaes!! once again i will haf 2 sae miss ya n lovesss!! hehehe!! =))

>Jerald: ur mi Sunshine boy from the start of e semester till e end of e semester n until now!! its coz i haf neber c u upset b4!! u alwaes neber fail to put a smile on ur face yeaps?? im realli in love wif that smile sho do hold it on alwaes alright?? as for e bbq dae that u cry ur forgiven!! hehehee!! im gonna miss e tymes we spend in e 1st semester n i hope it will go on as usual sho do rmb 2 take karex alright?? smiles alwaesn huggs n lovess!! hehehe!! =))

>Paula: E 1st person i gorte 2 knw even b4 sch started n ended up in e same klass 4 semester 1!! realli shocking but njoyable!! though some problem came between us n drifted us apart, i styl wanna thanki u 4 everytingy coz i haf learn alorte from tis situation yupps?? im glad were styl fwens n i hope tis wil continue on in e upcuming semester!! huggs n loveess!! hehehe!! =))

>Choe: till 2dae n now, im styl gonna sae u haf 2 work on ur attitude alright?? ur a swit girl every1 knows sho i dunch expect u 2 haf e "AH LIAN!" kinda attitude that will spoil ur whole image alright?? i wanna u 2 b e kinda girl that every1 loves mixing arnd kae?? n i haf 2 sae that though we r kinda drifted apart, i styl njoy hanging outta wif u n being e twin in w25e wif u!! hehehe!! huggs n lovess!! hehehe!! =))

>Yun: a swit looking girl wif a swit voice!! uhhuh!! sounds just ryte!! hehehe!! whye i will sae that its coz she neber fails 2 sing or hum 2 music in klass!! n every1 knws she's our klass singer!! hehehe!! ryte yun?? hehehe!! im sho gonna miss it as well n im realli glad i gotta know u better frm e bus journey back hm!! hehehe!! hope our fwenship will styl remain n will styl go shopping 2gether yeahx?? huggs n lovess!! hehehe!! =)) kip on singing!! hehehe!!

>Dickison, Carson n Jeksen: since you 3 guys r e "SON!!" famili den i shall write to e 3 of u at e same tyme!! hehehe!! okie u 3 r e smarty in klass excep for dickison whu claims that he ish alwaes "AWESOME!!" which he realli ish!! hehehe!! u 3 r realli intellegent n intellegent in different waes!! u guys knw it ryte?? that sho when u 3 work 2gether everytingy will seem perfect!! hehehe!! aniwae dickson i just wanna sae, no matter how tough ish e problem or whether ur weak in that subject, u styl haf 2 try n norte gif up alright?? i belief u kan do it if u try alright?? hehehe!! as for carson, i realli wanna thank u for helping mi n guiding mi thru mi studing journey and i realli njoy spending tyme sharing our problems 2gether yeaps?? i hope tis will go on n on alright?? hehehe!! as for jeksen, i realli lyk working wif u n learning from u!! ur a person whu alwaes work n studi hard sho kip up that good attitude alright?? n i wun forget our "YEAHX YEAHX!!" hand sign n i hope u wun 4get it 2!! hehehe!! realli miss u 3 loads n lovesss!! hehehe!! =))

>Kai n Haidir: OMG!! warte shld i sae 2 u 2!! u both r my darlings in e klass!! hehehe!! i realli kant 4get mi n kai fighting over haidir n haidir has 2 b sho stress about it in a joking manner!! it realli sounds sho fun manx!! im gonna miss haidir gayeous side n enthu attitude which i tynk ish very good!! i haf 2 sae i realli love working wif u both e most especially wif haidir coz he neber fails 2 enlighten e group whenver we are bored, tired or upset yeaps?? thanki for the comfort u haf alwaes been giving mi n i hope u will share tis wif ur new klassmates n help dem alright?? but no matta warte do norte 4get us!! hehehe! as for KAI!! hehehe!! "HAIDIR ISH MINE!! SHO BACK OFF!!" hahahah!! im norte just gonna sae that of coz!! wahahah!! i realli njoy toking 2 u!! squeezing those tits of urs!! hahaha!! n i realli appreciated all e help n comfort n haf given mi!! im glad that i haf help u when ur down n im glad i did my job coz i hate cing people upset!! hehehe!! ur a strong person whu kan overcome tis i belief u kan overcome many other problems in tyme 2 cm alright?? alwaes rmb 2 stay strong n u wil fight every single problem!! do rmb 2 kip up that smile n joyful attitude alright?? hehehe!! i realli lyk dem!! hehehe!! aniwae do take karex, huggs n lovess 2 u both my darlings!! hehehe!! =))

>NURUL!!: Im realli glad i haf known n met u!! though our fwenship started at e later part of e semester, i styl haf 2 sae i realli njoy every single tyme wif u!! lyk camwhoring, eating, crappy, shouting, complaining, lyk everytingy between us!! althoough e semester n klass has cum 2 an end, e 1 tingy that will neber cum 2 an end between us n that ish tis fwenship that we haf build alright?? thanki for al u haf given mi tis while n i realli appreciate it!! do kip up ur cheerful, joyful tingy n all kae?? hehehe!! will gonna hang outta 2getehr after sch during lunch n all for sure alright?? im gonna miss u loads!! hehehe!! hugss n lovessss!! hehehe =))

*As for e other that i did norte name, i will just lyk 2 sae a short wanna coz if im gona write it will realli b super long yeahx?? hehehe!!

okie zhan yuan, u haf 2 open up 2 ur new klassmates more lyk how u did 2 us n haf fun wif us alright?? but do norte 4get us!! hehehe!!

for faris n hafis, im gonna mis ur jokes n crap n elmo n everytingy yeaps?? do work harder in ur next semester alright??

jac n cui ling, though i neber work wif u girls sho that often, but i c potential in u girls, try 2 open up more n help e others whu r weaker alright?? hehehe!!

pan wen, hu shi, guang yu n jack, i realli njoy working wif u guys n joking iwf u guys yeaps?? but rmb 2 tell your new classmates whatever your unsure about n dunch kip 2 urslef alright?? jia you!! hehehe!!

hanna, i realli love speaking mi problems 2 u n thanki for being my listening ear yeaps?? i hope that tis will styl continue n our fwenship as well!! shopping soon alright?? huggs n lovess!! hehehe!! =))

Thasha, u must work real had next semester alright?? dunch miss sch animore!! warteva problem face do norte run awae from it but fight ur wae thru it alright?? take karex!!

claudia, okie i finali spell ur name ryte!! hehehe!! aniwae im gonna miss ur voice and singing!! hehehe!! but do rmb 2 kip up e working spirit alright?? i realli njoy working wif u!! SHL RAWKS!! hehehe!! take karex, huggs n lovess!! hehehe!! =))

*once again i wanna sae i realli miss tis klass, e pple, e faci, e everytingy alright?? W25E WILL ALWAES B W25E!! no matta warte problem u guys face do cum look for one another alright?? take karex n huggs!! hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~