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Thursday, September 13, 2007 @ 1:46 AM | 0 comments

I realize im sho busi wif mi work that I didn’t even haf e tyme 2 spare 4 blogging in!! OMG!! How terrible n horrible kan tis b!! now sch ish reopening n that means NEW KLASSMATES!! DAMN!! Saw e names of mi new klassmates n dey seems nerdy or unfriendly 2 mi or am I just 2 use 2 mi OLD W25E?? I guesss sho!! I simply miss dem sho sho much that I kant wait 4 e next gathering yeaps?? Hehehe!! Shld I b looking 4ward 2 sch, reopening?? Im styl wondering abt it!! hehehe!! WTH!! No matta warte I styl haf 2 attend sch ryte?? Kae im being lame here!! Hehehe!!

Alright I had another date wif nurul last last wk back if im norte wrong?? Hehehe!! Aniwae we didn’t really do loads of shopping BUT we do loads of toking!! Hahaha!! N we were precisely toking abt our secondary sch life lyk e fwens n teacher dere!! Lyk how dey punish us, how we quarrel wif e fwens in sch!! Wahahaha!! Toking abt it kinda let us knw how DUMB n IDOITIC we were sumhow yeaps?? Wahahaha!! GOSH!! Lame!! Hehehe!!

We were actually chilling at mccafe at shaw n we gorte ourselves a caramel frappe n a caramel mocha ice blend!! Both wif CARAMEL!! *WhEe!!* im sho into caramel though dey r fattening n saeing abt fattening, I tynk im eating loads during holis n its tyme I nid 2 go on REAL DIET!! SHIT!! Sumhow help mi manx!! Hehehe!!

Aniwae I read nurul blog n tis ish warte I saw!!

“I miss cheryl!!” hehehe!! =))

Gosh!! I was sho touch by that kan!! Thanki darlingx girl!! Hehehe!! =))

I haf 2 sae!!

I miss nurul tooooo!! Hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~