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Tuesday, September 04, 2007 @ 3:07 AM | 0 comments

back 2 blogging again?? just a dae i guesssss!! OMG!! tight schedule tis few daes!! kant take it manx!! im super TIRED!! i haf 2 complain yeaps?? waahahah!! okie its e Toni n Guy show again!!

sounds real fun coz i heard frm mi collegue n guessss warte?? YUN knws heer!! bet dey haf loads of fun yeaps?? hehehe!! nice volume hair YUN XIU!! heheheeh!! didnt expect singapore 2 b sho sho sho that small indeed!! yup yup yup!! aniwae i edited e few pics n im gonna upload it!!

n YESH PPLE!! i gorte miself a new hair style!! wahahah!! its SHORT now!! but norte very short indeed!! had loads of comments abot mi hair lyk..... "Hey!! u face look round wif long hair!!"or "I love ur new hair style!! it looks real good on u!! guesss it suit ur thick hair!!" or it goes "OMG!! sho lyk RIHANNA!! n i love ur RIHANNA hair style!!" wahahah!! thanks 4 all e comment pple!! great though!! hehehe!! =))

okie im gonna take sum rest manx b4 back 2 those tight schedule again!! n NO im norte gonna neglect DANCE!! NO WAE!! hehehe!! =))

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