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Friday, September 21, 2007 @ 11:25 AM | 0 comments

Its all happen ystd when i was taking bus 67 frm tamp inter to cck inter yeaps?? i was pretty tired or shall i sae SUPER DUPER tired, that make mi gorte up e bus n i imeediately slept in e bus!! in mi dream land i was until suddenli i woke up n realise the bus was sumwhere at paya lebar area n tis guy came out e bus 2 sit bside mi as all e other sits were occupied!!

all i knw was i heard he n his fwen whu are girls we toking super louds esp his girl fwen sitting next 2 him as well!! GOSH!! it was DAMN noisy sho i couldnt return back 2 mi dream land!! dey were dress up in formal dressing lyk after work kind yeaps?? sho since i couldnt return 2 sleep, i decided to stare out of the window n daze!! i was tynking of sum stuffy n listening to my mp3!! as e bus travel n travel i was styl in mi daze!! until e bus reaches sumwhere near bukit timah?? i guesssssss!! e guy bside mi was about to go down the bus!! he look kinda rushy that he didnt even had tyme 2 sae bye to his fwen!!

as he was leaving his sit, he put a name card on top of mi bag n hurryly went down n didnt even turn back 2 look into the bus. even when he put the name card on mi bag he didnt even look at mi!! at that moment i was shock that i gorte all out of the daze n notice that every1 was looking at mi in e bus, lyk as though he was trying to know mi or sumtingy!! its WEIRD!! even his fwen said sho loudly in chinese!! "Why he do that?? crazi ah??"

OMG!! it makes mi feel super eery manx!! n e worst tingy i was looking super horrible as well coz i wasnt in mi make up n stufffy!! wahahah!! =))

aniwae i gorte a DATE 2dae n i can't wait!! hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~