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Thursday, October 25, 2007 @ 1:36 PM | 0 comments

alright people!! i saw tis in nurul blog n i fynd it super switsssss!! gosh!! thanki darlingx!! hehehe!! =))

"Btw i miss my gerlfren cheryl. Cheryl we really really really need to do a lot of catching up, okei. Take care Cheryl. Hope u feel better."

how kan i norte feel betta wif those words ryte?? hehehe!! i sho in down to earth wif this moments of ours!! hehehe!! thanki hearts!! hehehe!! =))

n if u guys haben been noticing, i haben been bloging for lyk 345895 424879274 tymes manx!! real long i kan sae!! hehehe!! guessss i pretty busi that i end up falling sick as well after the dance show!! but i did have loads of fun that dae as well!! hehehe!! =))

im styl trying 2 get the dance picture sho that i kan upload!! the shirt was super darn nice though it felt tight when i dance!! n 2gether with the girls, Gee and Fadz, we gorte high n took preeeety flirt, sexy, bitchy picture!! but I LYK!! wahahaha!! SUKEEEEEEEEE!! hehehe!! =))

tml ish e showcase and unable to b in it makes mi feel darn PISSED!! all becoz of the improper planning n leadership that causes all tis problem!! ARGH!! if norte cause of tis, i will definately b in that showcase manx!! guessss ust sho nort efated 2 it!! i realli miss hanging outta wif those SMC pple!! i miss u guysssssssss!! indeed!! hehehe!! aniwae i will b back alright?? hehehe!! hope sho though!! hehehe!! =))

im sho down to earth wif e song title "I NEED A BOSS!!" hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~