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Friday, November 16, 2007 @ 10:00 AM | 0 comments

shall i sae that sumtingy is going on wrong?? i guesssss!! im being neglected by sum1!! warte is realli commitment and attidute to u?? aint i committed enuff 2 tis group or norte having e ryte attidute?? whu was dere 4 u when e group was down?? whu stand by this group when sho much happen tis period of time?? aint i committed enough to this group?? if onli u just plan all the schedule earlier and told mi eva since when i kant make it??

toking about warte happen ystd i guesssss it wasnt e 1st tyme i felt tis wae yeahx?? it hapens once and now its happening twice? when will it b e 3rd tyme?? i HATE tis kinda feeling you knw?? warte if its u in my shoes?? infront of mi u ask every1 but u didnt ask him?? am i lyk invisible or warte?? i realli kant belief such tingy will happen 2 mi when i haf done sho much for U n tis group!! seriously and honestly speaking, i realli feel that i was not being appreciated from the incident ystd. Haf u lyk forgotten mi as part of ur members??

if your unhappi wif mi about sumtingy, i expect u 2 cum n tok 2 mi n tell mi norte just leave mi dere and try to know tingy myself!! u knw how upset am i when im being treated tis wae?? i tynk dere's sumtingy that we haf 2 change or else the problem will go on n on!! i realli hope that you will underestand and feel warte i feel!! =((

"Passion is something that you must work towards and not give up!! tis is part of commitment as well!!"

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~