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~*Upset?? dissapointed?? angri??*~ =((

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 @ 10:08 AM | 0 comments

alright now i kan use e word pple!! now i kan use it!! "IM FEELING UNGAY!! REAL UNGAY!!"

tingy realli running beri smoothli for mi tis few daes!! i was down wif flu n bad wanna, den i gorte mi knees injuried due to long standing hour at work!! den i miss prac making sum1 furious!! but perhaps tis r all destined and sum message seems 2 b pass on 2 mi!!

i was shock r perhaps dissapointed to recieve such a sms frm sum1 saeing!! "I have been tolerating you!!" lyk WTF!! should i b pissed in e first place?? but honestly i wasnt instead i was hurt more den being pissed!! btw u tynk ur e onli 1 tolerating?? i am as well okie?? it was becoz i know sho mani tingy haf been happening that whyee i didnt wanna sae or tell you!! in return i get tis frm u!! realli get mi dissapointed!! =((

guess i haf kip up wif my decision!! n i knw warte ish bestie 4 mi!! im norte joining e upcoming comp n that ish also 1 of my final decision!! i knw you guys kan do it without mi!! n ayis thanki 4 all tis while!! u haf been great n u haf alwaes been wif mi during mi ups n down!!

i just think that things around the group r no longer e same!! everythingy has change!! i can c n im noticing!! things doesnt seems to b improving!! something is not done to help!! aniwae ayis u knw u kan do it yeaps?? u kan stand on without mi as well alright?? =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~