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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 @ 1:56 PM | 0 comments

mi n darlingx decided 2 mit during e 2nd breakout 2dae!! at e same tyme we invited jerald n hanna as well!! trying 2 get e others but den they did get back 2 us sho i kant do anitingy!! Msn sucks i told u!! or should i sae it is RP VPN nextwork sucks BIG TYME!! hehehe!! i kant get 2 ani1 in RP!! ARGH!!


im starting 2 hate e network very badly!! u guys better do sumtingy!! alright back 2 e stori!! sho we met up n went 2 eat after that we had our camwhoring at e lawn n e new cafe!! hahaha!! darlingx was saeing she kant fynd her NASI LEMAK!! hahaha!! farni lahx she!! i knw ur sad n stress about science but i knw u kan go true it!! hehehe!!

i've gotta sae i kant wait 4 e reunion session W25E!! hehehe!! =))

*kan ah pek sho depress 2 e extend of being a flashers in BIG PUBLIC AREA?? OMG!! yati u should haf just kick that AH PEK!! sho disgusting!!*

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