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Saturday, May 17, 2008 @ 1:55 AM | 0 comments

alright!! on e 13th may was mi 1st dnd nyte wif mi collegue n i simply love e theme for tis yrs dnd nyte!! its was SCHOOL!! hahaha!! i wore hip hop style n i kan sae it was pretty simple nth much as i was from sch!! hahaha!! the warm welcum we had was hreat n loads of foto shots taken!! no worries pics will indeed b uploaded yupps??

was anicipating for the lucky draw but won NONE!! though i had that nice number of 8181 but nth gorte 2 mi!! norte even a stay at a hotel or sumtingy!! felt trash!! if i won i sho gotta get e body shop soak to soak miself in e bath tub!! hahaha!! i nis SPA!! hahaha!! aniwae congrats to SARINAH for winning e WII n SITI for winning VOUCHERS!! n last but norte least to my NAUGHTIEST ELIEEN!! who won e 2000 CASH n 600 CLINQUE VOUCHER!! hahaha!! =))

though no gift but i NJOY miself!! it was great manx!! seeing all e wild MUMS dere was a amaze to mi yupps?? alright naemah ish waiting for the pics!! i betta norte blog sho long!! hahaah!!

aniwae ystd meal was great at CAFE CARTEL n complimentary tickets given 2 mi!! hehehe!! shopping wasnt much of sumtingy coz im on a budget waiting for my GSS!! CUMING CUMING CUMING!! i simply kant WAIT!! WHEE!! hehehe!! =))
to some1 HAPPI BELATED BURFDAE if ur reading mi blog yeaps?? =))

~*SiMpLiCTy RyLi!!*~