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Friday, May 30, 2008 @ 8:21 AM | 0 comments

alright 1st of all, i wanna make it clear to those that i am using mi SP 2 help you guys buy stuff it is alr a benefit of the doubt sho pls do not make things difficult for mi!! if u tynk u pple kant fit 2 my convinent than its just 2 bad yupps??

Honestly, i was neber that piss off b4 helping fwens to by sp infact i alwaes volunteer 2 help till a few daes back i was down wif asthma sho i was on 2 DAES MC n when u take n MC who will FCUKING go back 2 work to buy stuff ryte?? it was because of that fwen whu insisted mi 2 go regardless whether tynking im sick or norte!! i HATE pple 2 force mi 2 do things I DO NORTE LIKE!! but she kept insisting and even threw mi an attidute!! WTF!! HEY IM BUYING IT FOR U N UR FWEN SHO U SHLD FIT MI CONVINENCE N NORTE I FIT URS ALRIGHT?? i dunch bother whether u fwen is angri if she's norte happi den go buy it on original price lahx!! WTH!! because of all this bullshit, i went back 2 work to get for her n end up being screw by m collegues and MANAGER!! she FCUKING thot i was lieing to her 4 norte attending work!! BLOODY SHIT!! just for e SAKE of U n UR FWEN i hate 2 go thru all this BULLSHIT!! now how am i suppose 2 explain 2 mi collegue?? even after explaining u tynk dey will belief?? tis whole SITUATION just simply piss mi off!!

next even to get the other 3 bucks from U, u styl haf 2 question mi about the products, e detail and how i calculated and when i told kindly how i calculated u styl said it was WRONG!! den warte for u ask mi?? that's simply make mi just gif up on taking back that 3 BUCKS frm u n save mi explaination yupps?? im a lazi person!! if u wanna u return it on ur on wilingness and norte having 2 kip telling u all tis!! tis all situation that i haf gone thru realli piss mi off 2 e extend that i had neber see ur true colour till that dae yupps?? i realli dunch knw waret realli happen but im just being disappointed and piss!! im sorri if i hurt u but that dae i was realli hurt!! everytingy was fine for mi that dae but its coz of U all was ruin!! u said ur rushing out than how abt mi?? i was suppose to go out wif precious but coz of ur product our dae was RUIN n we EVEN QUARREL!! that make mi more PISSED OF!! ARGH!!

aniwae thankfully ystd skipping sch due to illness but styl manage to njoy my dae!! coz i FINALLY FINALLY met up wif mi DARLINGX!! i miss her loads lahx!! OMG!! we chat n chat lyk nobody business and i found out more and loads of thing that i kinda lag back!! hehehe!! i realli wanna catch up wif her more more often yupps?? SWEETY I MISS U k?? hehehe!! CAMWHORE was a must sho yeaps we did!! hehehe!!

I WANNA MORE OF U N OUR DATE!! hehehe!! =))

Styl counting down the daes he becum MR NS MEN!! hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~