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Monday, June 30, 2008 @ 8:42 AM | 0 comments

OMG!! we finally had a full outing but sadly JASMAND was norte able to join us coz of his camp duty or else it will b much much more fun ya?? coz it will b a FULL group!! hehehe!! we had pizza hut n poor jasmin had gastric while waiting for mi 2 arrive yupps?? sho sorri about that!! realli realli sorri!! =(( i feel super darn bad about that yeahx??

aniwae we had fun at JASON'S PLACE cing e guys showing off their muscle n chest and comparing their muscle!! its just lyk a man hunt show while i lay on e bed n watch!! hahaha!! cool!! n i just realise that guys going into NS realli CHANGE ALORTE MANX!! coz that happen to JASON!! hahaha!! he started to be sho conscious about his hse n room cleaniness which u dunch c in him last tyme!! hahaha!! homely father next tyme!!

moreover there was a conversation that make mi LOL loads!!

Jason: "OMG!! why is my room so dusty and dirty?? you guys just bear with me for 5 mins alright??"

then he left e rm for awhile.

Cheryl: "WOW!! he seem to change after being in NS ya?? he's lyk so conscious about his room cleaniness now!! sho not him!! hahaha!!"

Wee Teck n Ping Wu nod their head!! then jason came back wif a vacuum n started vacumming!!

Jason: "Pls put ur leg up!! i kant stand to see dirt sho pls lift up ur legs!! thanks!!" n continued to vacuum!!

after finsh vacuum,

Ping Wu: "Jason!! this is the FIRST time i see you vacuum!! LOL!!"

Jason: " "_" '!! dots!!

Cheryl and Wee teck: "Hahaha!!"

fyi, ping wu know jason since pri sch n now they are alr in ns and ite ya?? hahaha!! sho you can imagine how long dey knw each other n that was his first tyme cing jason vacuum!! hahaa!!

it was a fun dae though there was sum unhappiness that happen after that yeahx?? lazi 2 explain further but luckily problem all solve!! hehehe!! =))


~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~