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Monday, September 08, 2008 @ 6:57 PM | 0 comments

Its been lyk 23647534 years eva since i went to the zoo to see the animals!! i styl rmb e last tyme i went to the zoo my mum say to me "GIRL DO NOT RUN AROUND OR ELSE LATA YOU LOST, THE LION WILL EAT YOU UP!!" okie sho tell mi how long ago was it went i visited to the zoo!! hahaha!! now after 23647534 years lata, im finally visiting the ZOO again but this tyme round its norte wif mi MUM but wif lil precious!! hehehe!! =))

we gorte a free entry card for 2 frm his eldest sis sho we decided to go last sat!! took a cab to the zoo and realising how much it has change TOTALLY!! nicer environment and much much better services from the staff but 1 think for sure that did not change after all this years ish the smell that e ZOO produce!! hahaha!! guess its cos the POO from the animals are the same!! hehehe!! food there was ex i kan sae!! they realli all outta to earn money from the TOURIST there!! OH GOSH!!

why i sae its ex?? kan you imagine i bought a chupa chups lollipop for $1.20 whereas it is onli sold at 50 CENTS at most of the shops!! so you see warte i mean by EX!! goodness gracious!! hehehe!! but styl i haf to sae i njoy the trip cos i managed to see lots of animals and the way they behave!! im SUPER IMPRESSED the way the monkeys behave cos its exactly lyk us MAN!! even they wae they MAKE LOVE!! OMG!! HAHAHA!! okie i caught a pic of that n im goin 2 upload it!! hehehe!! =))
though after a dae of great fun, mi n lil precious had a tiff n it went on all wae till sun which kinda broke mi down during work!! my eyes were totally swell and red wheni gorte out from the store room to serve customers!! i knw ite SUCKS i wanted to walk away but i kant cos im WORKING!! precisely sho ya!! no choice!! =((
okie its a long post im goin 2 sae!! hehehe!! 2dae ish indeed tiring cos its back to sch again!! lyk duhzzz!! im gonna try sleep earli 2nyte since i had already fynsh watching GOSSIP GIRL n i haf to sae that im in LOVE wif SERENA and DAN cos dey are realli the meant to be COUPLE!! n SERENA is HOT!! OMG!! hehehe!! =))
im waiting for the next episode!! hehehe!! =))
~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~