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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 @ 11:38 PM | 0 comments

pictures were cover from KUSHIN-BO DINING to outings wif lil precious campmates and my darlings!! hehehe!! =))
Firstly lil precious and mi when to KUSHIN-BO wanting to try the LOBSTER recommended but ended up spending 100 PLUS bucks withour trying the LOBSTER but the food there is quite alright i tynk!! but i styl prefer SAKAE SUSHI!! hahaha!! =))
the next dae we headed to have a outing with lil precious campmates and mi darlings!! hehehe!! but before that, mi n lil precious went to town for a walk and guess warte interesting place we found out?? it was a toy shop seling coll and interesting brainstorming toys for adults and children yupps?? its sho cools!! the store is near art friends at taka!! im sho sorri i didnt get the shop name!! but i haf picture!! hehehe!! aniwae as for e outing, thanks to WK car that we are able to travel to places like GEYLANG, CLARK QUAY, EAST COAST PARK and LITTLE INDIA to explore!! hahaha!! =))
alright i shall upload the picture as said "PICTURES SPEAKS MORE THAN WORDS!!" hehehe!! sho i shall let picture do the toking instead of mi typing!! hahaha!! =))
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