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Thursday, October 16, 2008 @ 12:09 AM | 0 comments

okie just happen to see this contest in my e-mail and i intended to join it yupps?? since the e-mail said that i have gotta tok abt my graduation experience if i have been though it and what is my ideal graduation like, i shall share it with you guys as well.

let's bring back the graduation memories to my kindergarden school time. if i did not remember wrongly, each and every students was given a performance to do on the graduation day and our parents will be there to see us perform. as for me, i was given to task of performing as a musical note "MI" BELL RINGER!! hahaha!! it do sounds and look cute when i was young but now thinking back, i look like a blur block!! hahaha!! anyway, my objective is to ring the bell whenever it reaches my note and on the day of the graduation, i still remeber that i was excited but yet nervous. all the kids were making lots of noise and there was a lot of commotion as well.

when it was time for my performace, i played the music to my best working hand with hand with other children and eventually it was a successful want. after the performace, we all had to wear the graduation suit together with the hat to go upstage to recieve our certificate and to have a photo session with the principle. it was indeed really fun. apparently, the whole day was a photo session day.

when it came to primary school. i could say that my bond with my friends were really really close so on the day of the graduation, many of us broke down knowing that we were going into different secondary school. on the day of the graduation, i was involve in a HIP HOP DANCE performance with some of my other friends from other classes and my parents were also there to watch the performance. after the performance was over, all the graduating students were to stand outside the entrance of the hall in two straight rows while the teacher flash each and individual students picture on the powerpoint slides together with a sentimental and sad graduating song. i still remember the song title is "IF WE HOLD ON TOGETHER!!" the moment the song came in, many of us broke down as it was a happy yet sad moment.

so as we walk in, in two straight lines wearing our graduating attire i think all our hearts were really feeling sad that we were all spliting up. during that moment, all of us hug one another as tight as we could, talkin and bringing back the old memories and even complaining how much we do not want to split up but we had no choice. after all the gathering session, we all join our parents on the seats and wait for our name to be call to recieve our bursary and certificate. so before the ceremony end many took photos for memories and some exchange gifts and contacts to keep it touch. i think this is the BEST AND EVER GRADUATION I HAD AND IT UNFORGETTABLE TILL TODAY!! hehehe!! =))

in secondary, i didnt managed to attend the graduation day so that wasquite a pity though. BTW im really looking forward to my poly graduation day. since my ideal graduation day is a day where people can party and wear all sorts of costume at a unique and outstanding venue. besides that, i wish that on the graduation day will be something out of the NORM that not all graduation days usually have. try to make it more interesting and unique. perhaps more creative in their food and the way our cert are being given. this are my ideal graduation. hehehe!! =))

BTW do Catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24! COS I SIMPLY LOVE THEM SO I BET YOU GUYS WILL LOVE IT TOO!! hehehe!! =))

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