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Thursday, November 20, 2008 @ 1:02 PM | 0 comments

Meal was good though i didnt fynsh up the pork chop!! hahaha!! cos i was freaking freaking full!! aniwae lil precious is on mc due to his leg injury sho sat will b more of a GIRL OUTS den a whole bunch of us!!

i hope plans go well after my work yupps?? hehehe!! aniwae im seriously into COFFEE and i must sae i tynk its WONDERFUL!! hahaha!! jeanie jean my lessy partner its okie you cant join us tis sat dere is styl next sat alright?? hehehe!! DATE is more important!! hehehe!! =))

btw i gorte sum back dated picture taken last wk at ikea wif lil precious im goin 2 upload yupps?? =))
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