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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 @ 5:18 PM | 0 comments

Brought mi dearest BFF wif mi 2 e metro sale held by COZYCOT yupps?? dere was alorte of pple n i mean LOT to the extend that all the queue was pack wif pple!! hehehe!! =))

since we were dere to shop obviously we will shop ryte?? hahaha!! i finalli bought my DIOR eyelinear and im sho sho happi but the worst thingy that happen was when i gorte in the cab, to my suprise, i couldnt find my eyelinear!! at that moment i was lyk "SHIT!!!!!!! WHERE THE HELL DID MY EYELINEAR GO!!" i search the whole plastic bag, the chair of the cab n all but i just couldnt find!! i kal metro over n over again but dey did pick up!! i was super panicking manx!! =((

sho i was moody the whole dae unti
l the very next dae that i kal up dey finally pick up and i told them warte haf happen!! initially, when i told the issue to the department manager, she told mi that she will get mi a new one den ended up when i kal them back on sun she sae she wasnt sure!! how could she gif such norte promising statement ryte?? thank goodness i didnt make it trip down without kalling!! just imagine warte if i just go without kalling, aint im goin 2 make it trip down without getting my eyelinear?? i tynk that dey should b more careful with the words they promise to the customer especially if she is a department manager ya??

aniwae thank goodness they found my eyelinear and thanks to the customer service staff whu help mi along yupps?? as for the lady whu kal mi to let mi know where they found the eyelinear shouldnt be covering up for the department manager ya?? i work in sales line too sho i know very well all this thingy yupps?? if she did a mistake she is suppose to admit it and apologise this should be the way!! so this is something they or metro should take note of alright?? thanks!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~