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Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 8:29 AM | 0 comments

alright sch was totally out of my mind tis few daes cos lil precious was in and out of the hospital dure to his knee injury!! first went to c an A&E doctor after that e doc there get him to go for his review checkup and the moment he went for the check up he was told to go for an op the next dae!! i knw he was scare n i could tell!!

Waited for him at the op area for about 4 HOURS the next dae n the moment he came out he was in pain!! cing him in pain kinda hurts mi also cos i kan feel how he feels!! it realli sucks to be in that pain yupps?? e worst tingy is that, this is onli his MINOR op norte MAJOR okie?? OMG!! seriously his gonna b in more pain for the 2nd one!! =((

*lil precious, i know your in pain n you may think that i do not feel how you feel cos im norte suffering from it but i tell you i DO n i DO feel the pain okie?? n pls do not get PISSED sho easily wif the people around you alright?? we are all trying to help you, take care of you, concern about you, understanding you and all so pls do not throw temper or warteva at us!! dont make people feel you dunch appreciate their help and make them angri also!! hope you realli understand how much all of us done for you alright?? aniwae GET WELL SOON lil precious!!*

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