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Monday, November 17, 2008 @ 10:19 AM | 0 comments

sat was a tiring dae for mi i kan sae!! firstly its cos i tynk i do norte have enuff sleep cos lil precious keeps on kalling mi out of bed den after that i accompanied him 2 do his riding!! after we gorte back, we had 2 prepare to mit mi mum at tamp ikea!! OMG!! c how busi i was!! OMG!! hahaha!! =))
mummi was suppose 2 mit us but ended up being norte free sho i just bought a few items for my room!! after we gorte 2 e cashier n was suppose to pae, the cashier was lyk "PLS REMOVE THE THINGS FROM THE BAG!!" i was lyk WTH!! aint you guys suppose too help the customer?? plus the tone he gaf mi was a little wae of the customer service line yupps?? making mi a lil unhappi, when i ask him u haf nth 2 wrap the glass items, he ans mi: "ORH!! THERE GORTE WRAPPING SERVICE LORX!! YOU GO DERE WRAP!!" i repli okie assuming there was sum1 to wrap for us n all!!
okie perhaps i was a noob!! but after e attitude from the cashier plus knwing that the wrapping service area was a SELF SERVICE thingy i was realli BLURRED!! i thot they should at least haf sum1 to do the wrapping for us instead of us doing it ourself yupps?? i understand about he recycling policy that you have to pay for bags n im cool with that tbut the wrapping service, it will be good if there is someone incharge cos i felt it was a big mess there!! feedbacks!! =))
nyte was down and after ikea we met WK, LEX and my 2 darling JEANIE and MIRI!! hehehe!! so glad to see them n of cos i was glad 2 c MICHELLE!! hehehe!! its been a long tyme we saw her or should it be i who saw her!! hahaha!! after dinner we left for prawning but wasnt reali a good idea as every1 was tired sho a short while of prawning, we all headed home!! but i styl njoy the camwhoring session wif my BFF!! WHEE!! hehehe!! =))
*Btw jeanie said lil precious was MOTHERLY n i totally agree wif that word!! hahaha!! =))
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