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Thursday, November 06, 2008 @ 8:47 AM | 0 comments

im kinda bored in sch now even bored that lil precious staying out 2 wks plan was cancel!! GOSH!! it was just 15 mins before his booking out the SIR told him that the course has been cancel and they are onli sending 2 people for the course instead of a bunch!! so he met mi and after that having to book in back at nyte!!

i was indeed upset that he has 2 go back camp and i will haf 2 b at his home alone and spent the whole nyte alone!! but i think i haf 2 start getting used to it or else when he goes for his camp trips im sho gonna suffer!! aniwae this was a conversation that mi n lil precious was toking about his camp trip that might be coming up!!

lil precious: gal, my sir sae that he wants all of us to faster drive and hit 1000km(i think) than we all can go india!!!

me: INDIA?? for warte and how long??

lil precious: for 3 wks lorx also dunch knw go there for warte!!

me: 3 WEEKS!! r u serious?? dunch go kan?? i dunch wanna you 2 go!!

lil precious: you siao ah!! this is ns lehx!! no choice want!!

me: huh!! =((

OMG!! i just kant belief warte im gonna do if he is going 2 india!! realli hope he wun go!! i dunch wanna feel bored!! =((

school is boring todae again!! wldnt haf turn up if norte for UT!! argh sho irritating manx!!

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